Monday, March 25, 2013

The In View Series Highlights Community Banks

Community banks extend credit to local companies and citizens, helping them achieve their goals and dreams. Many of the larger banks and corporate banks have made it more difficult for potential homeowners and small businesses to qualify for loans. Smaller banks and community banks invest more in local businesses and citizens, building relationships with their customers, which helps them understand the needs of their communities. In its ongoing series, the In View Larry King program (561-544-7965) continues to highlight the important role that community banks play in local economies.

The In View TV series profiles successful community banks across the United States, looking at how they help their communities and small businesses. An In View with Larry King producer interviews small business owners who do their banking with community banks. These business owners talk about the relationships they have with community banks, and how these relationships have helped them weather rough patches. The In View TV show ( also shows how these banks participate in their communities, such as sponsoring local sports teams and offering young people opportunities for internships.

The In View series (855-446-8439), featuring host Larry King, reviews a number of financial subjects, as well as business subjects, health subjects, medical trends and subjects, education topics, environmental topics and more. The program features industries, entrepreneurs and companies all across the United States and Canada. King has worked in broadcasting since the 1950s, working in both radio and television. The series educates viewers across America about organization, businesses and people who make a positive impact on their communities and society.

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