Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In View with Larry King Turns Attention to Education

A new edition of In view will air this weekend.

One of the ways to best prepare our entire country for a bright future is by properly preparing tomorrow’s leader today in the classroom. On an upcoming airing of the In View series hosted by Larry King, audiences will see how the brightest educators and the best ideas are helping to prepare American school children for the competitive world they will face tomorrow.

Executive producer Walter Waiters, senior associate producers Joel Walters and John Patrick and associate producers Erica Doyle, Rachel Van Drake, Scott Kuntz, and Ryan Chatterdon are pleased to announce new education reports that will air on Fox Business on Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 5 p.m.

Friday, January 9, 2015

In View Series Reporting on Challenges in Education

On In View, audiences are seeing how technology ie helping students of all ages.

Every day, America’s students are taking advantage of new innovations that are reshaping how they learn in the classroom. Today’s teachers are using technology to reach students in new ways and help them engage their subjects.

The In View series is taking a look at how these innovations are helping to prepare today’s students for a competitive job market in the future. On the program, audiences are seeing how students are now able to better work with their teachers on complex problems and learn how to work collaboratively with other students.

To see the report, check television listings to find out when In View with Larry King airs on great cable networks like Fox Business and Discovery.

Friday, December 19, 2014

In View with Larry King Reporting on Home Construction Innovations

Accessibility and efficiency are at the corer of new home design.
In an upcoming report on In View with Larry King, audiences will see how universal design and new approaches to energy efficiency will make the home better than ever before. Leaders in the construction industry are helping to chart new paths in the field to make the American home better and more accessible than ever before

These new reports will highlight how engineers and designers are working with contractors and architects to create the new American home. Subtle changes inside like wider doors and hallways, lower light switches, and door hardware that is easier to operate is making the home simpler to navigate for people with mobility issues. Wheelchairs can now move freely down halls and through doors and people can operate electrical switches from a seated position.

While universal design addresses the needs of homeowners with disabilities, other improvements address the needs of all homeowners through lower energy costs. New approaches to insulation materials are also helping to lower energy bills by cutting the use of heaters and air conditioners, which can have a big impact on energy costs each year.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

In View Series Cost Studies

The dream of a family is elusive for some couples.
The joy of a new child is truly something to behold. Every day couples experience the joy as they welcome new members of their families. However, for some couples, the battle to conceive can be frustrating. Some couples try for months and even years and for one reason or another cannot have a child. An In View series cost of medical care report is looking at how fertility clinics are helping people achieve their dreams of growing their families.

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Pennsylvania (RMAPA) helps couples who are having trouble conceiving. There are many reasons couples may have difficulty, and through extensive testing doctors can often identify the causes of these problems and then offer therapies and procedures that help people finally have children. Ovulation induction, in vitro fertilization, and artificial insemination are often employed to help people get pregnant, and these therapies have terrific success rates in many patients.

One in six couples in America faces fertility issues. For women over 35, they should try for about a year before seeing a specialist. For women over 40, this period drops to about six months. Once under the care of a specialist, the mystery of infertility can often be unlocked.

The In View series with Larry King is taking a look at how innovation in medicine is giving people the families they always wanted. To see this latest report, check local listings to find out when the show will air in individual markets on networks like Discovery and Fox Business.