Friday, April 11, 2014

The In View Series Producer Team Looking for More Encouraging Medical Stories to Feature on the Series

Producers behind the In View series with Larry King, an upbeat and educational TV program distributed to TV households across the United States, announced earlier today that they hope to find numerous examples of medical innovations and medical advances to spotlight on the show later this year. With research and experimental treatments yielding promising results for the treatment of numerous health conditions and medical problems, producers for the In View series hosted by Larry King like associate producer Karla Sullivan, senior associate producer John Patrick, associate producer Rachel Van Drake and associate producer Michael Guill will speak with representatives of companies, universities and organizations spearheading some of the most promising research.

The In View TV series, an informative cable program that reaches millions of viewers across the country, highlights stories from many areas of society, such as education, business, medicine and the military. Producers for the In View show locate environmental subjects to present on the show, as well as stories about investing, banking and other financial topics. Members of the In View Series producer consortium develop content about a broad range of topics, seeking out stories of advancement, determination, progress and achievement. Overseen by Walter Waiters executive producer, producers for this positive television program like associate producer Brian Cahill, associate producer Leonard Warren, senior associate producer Joel Walters and associate producer David Kent find inspiring and intriguing stories about leading professionals in various industries, as well as leading corporations across the economy.

Producers for In View hosted by Larry King identify noteworthy stories throughout America and Canada to feature on the program. The In View series reaches wide audiences online and on cable TV channels like the Fox Business Channel.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Importantance of Innovation

The evolution of cell phones demonstrates the rapid pace of innovation.

Innovation plays important roles in almost all areas of American society. From medicine, to education, business, sports, entertainment and home life, innovation has led to improvements in almost every area of modern life. For this reason, innovation has become one of the biggest buzzwords in society today. Leading firms and companies in many industries rely upon innovative strategies and innovative thinking to get ahead of competing firms and stay ahead of the competition. Scholastic leaders, teachers and school administrators recognize that innovation and creativity can help them improve the quality of education and help students perform better.

Innovative firms and organizations across society tend to perform better, adapting and developing solutions to various challenges that they face. Innovation drives companies to develop better products and improve efficiency. Entrepreneurs and start-up companies that come up with innovative strategies and better ways of performing tasks can frequently become leaders in their respective industries and fields. In sports, teams and athletes can use innovation to improve their preparation and training and out-strategize their opponents. In medicine, innovation leads medical professionals and medical technology companies to develop better ways of diagnosing and treating patients’ medical conditions.

Innovation has led to many of the advances, breakthroughs and innovations that we have witnessed in the past generation. Innovation has moved society forward in numerous ways. Examples abound. Cell phones have undergone a remarkable evolution in the course of a generation. They went from bulky and oversized (the “brick”) devices that could only make and receive calls to small and convenient handheld computers.

What improvements will innovation lead to in the years ahead? We’ll have to wait and see, but we likely will not have to wait long.

Monday, January 20, 2014

TV Host Larry King Became A TV Icon During His Long Career

Larry King appeared in the 1984 movie "Ghostbusters."

Former TV host Larry King, who became famous as a nationally-syndicated radio host before launching the TV show, “Larry King Live” that changed the face of cable television news and turned him into a television icon and pop culture phenomenon, hosted his eponymous TV show on CNN for a quarter century before ending the program in 2010. King cut his broadcasting teeth in radio and gained an enthusiastic radio following before transitioning to TV. King’s success in broadcasting helped him land roles in multiple movies and walk-on appearances in a number of TV shows.  He now hosts an educational TV program called the In View Series hosted by Larry King.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Host of the In View Series Perfected his Interviewing Style

Larry King, host of the In View series, interviews U.S. President Barack Obama.

Larry King’s Impact on Television

One of the longest-running television shows in modern memory is Larry King Live, an interview series hosted by King himself. For 25 years, it was a staple on the cable network, CNN, and it boasted millions of annual viewers. While King, who now hosts the In View series, a cable TV program distributed across America, himself is not a perfect individual, he certainly perfected his interviewing style. His easy-going and joking nature made his guests feel comfortable to speak their mind, which sometimes created a little bit of extra entertainment for his viewers.

Interviewing Anyone and Everyone

In the beginning, when King first started his career in show business with a Miami radio station, he was reported to have interviewed anyone who walked into his recording studio. It did not matter how humble or exalted a person was, King made it clear he wanted to know what they had to say. This method of showing genuine interest was most likely one of the reasons CNN offered him his own interviewing show in 1985. 

Well Known and Controversial Guests

During his more than 25 years behind the interview desk, King talked with dignitaries, popular icons, rock stars, religious leaders, and movie stars. President Barack Obama has even been interviewed by the TV legend. The show became a popular way to address hot button topics and issues in a fairly non-partisan setting, with King himself asking open ended questions, rather than leading questions. Although King has retired from his show, his influence remains in TV.

Friday, December 20, 2013

In View Larry King Producer Team Hopes to Present Upbeat Education Stories in 2014

The producers of the In View series hosted by Larry King hope to present several education-related stories to viewers across America in 2014. Producers for the show, which reaches TV audiences across the nation on cable channels such as the Discovery Channel, have spotlighted numerous schools and educational institutions in the United States and Canada. In View show producers like associate producer Courtney Lovejoy, senior associate producer Joel Walters, associate producer Brian Cahill, associate producer Diane Shandler and associate producer Derrick Milhous hope to showcase more high schools, specialty schools, elementary schools and higher education institutions in the coming year.

Producers for the In View series, including associate producer John Patrick, associate producer Karla Sullivan, associate producer Rachel Van Drake and associate producer David Kent, seek out positive and intriguing stories throughout American society. The In View Larry King producer team finds upbeat stories to feature on the show in all parts of the United States. In View hosted by Larry King (561-279-3550) highlights positive business stories, environmental stories and medical stories.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Managing "Smart" Technology

When your business starts looking into smartphones and other mobile devices to help keep up with the pace, you may start to have some concerns about how to manage them. The good news is that there are a few programs available to help you do just that. Whether you worry about how your employees use their mobile devices, or you worry about them being lost or stolen, you can find the right application to help you have more peace of mind. The producers of the In View series hosted by Larry King (561-279-3550) will show business professionals across the country some of the programs that can help them manage smartphone usage. In View Larry King producer teams identify noteworthy stories relating to companies throughout the economy across the United States and Canada.

Usage can be a major concern with all of the games and other distractions available for smartphones and tablets, but with the right monitoring system you can see which applications your employees have downloaded and even uninstall the ones that you don’t want them to have. You can also monitor which apps are good for your business purposes and share them between all your employees at once instead of mandating that they find and install them when they find the time. In fact, with a good monitoring system you can have your employees design new applications and share them company-wide without having to put them on an app market first. The In View series (855-446-8439) will look at how companies keep employees on task and keep them from misusing their mobile computing devices.

Security can be another major concern when it comes to using mobile devices as some will have sensitive information saved on them and all of them will represent money spent by your company. With a monitoring system, you can lock certain information or even erase it if you need to. You can track your mobile devices if they are lost or stolen and help the authorities better recover your items. You can even do all of this from your own mobile device or from your computer.

A lot of times, the business world is all about staying with or ahead of the competition and the latest technological advances and innovations can help you do just that. With all of the different options for smartphones, tablets, and computers that are available to help boost your business, finding the right monitoring application can help you have fewer worries and increased productivity.