About Larry King

About Larry King

Larry King, host of the In View series, which airs on major cable channels, reaching television viewers across the United States, has worked in media since the 1950s, first making his mark in radio before successfully transitioning to television. King has had an extraordinary career, working his way up through the ranks to become one of the most recognized broadcasters in history. King’s rise to national and international fame began in South Florida. King left New York City to try to break into radio in Miami in the 1950s. Through persistence, King earned a chance to work on the air for a local radio station in Miami. He interviewed everyone and anyone he met, and soon caught the attention of visiting celebrities like Bobby Darin and Jackie Gleason, who lived in the area. Gleason became a mentor for King, helping him further his career.

King took his radio show to a national audience in the 1970s, and rapidly gained a following for his nightly radio shows. The success of King’s radio show ultimately led to the opportunity of a lifetime, as King began a nightly show on CNN in 1985, reaching television audiences across the United States and around the world. King’s fame grew, and he landed roles in numerous movies and TV shows. He also became one of the most parodied figures in pop culture.

Although King’s run on cable news ended in 2010, the Hall of Fame broadcaster, who will turn 80 years old next month, continues to reach wide audiences on the In View series hosted by Larry King and other outlets. Known for his trademark suspenders and conversational style of interviewing guests, King remains a media force more than five decades after beginning his career.

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