Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Host of the In View Series Perfected his Interviewing Style

Larry King, host of the In View series, interviews U.S. President Barack Obama.

Larry King’s Impact on Television

One of the longest-running television shows in modern memory is Larry King Live, an interview series hosted by King himself. For 25 years, it was a staple on the cable network, CNN, and it boasted millions of annual viewers. While King, who now hosts the In View series, a cable TV program distributed across America, himself is not a perfect individual, he certainly perfected his interviewing style. His easy-going and joking nature made his guests feel comfortable to speak their mind, which sometimes created a little bit of extra entertainment for his viewers.

Interviewing Anyone and Everyone

In the beginning, when King first started his career in show business with a Miami radio station, he was reported to have interviewed anyone who walked into his recording studio. It did not matter how humble or exalted a person was, King made it clear he wanted to know what they had to say. This method of showing genuine interest was most likely one of the reasons CNN offered him his own interviewing show in 1985. 

Well Known and Controversial Guests

During his more than 25 years behind the interview desk, King talked with dignitaries, popular icons, rock stars, religious leaders, and movie stars. President Barack Obama has even been interviewed by the TV legend. The show became a popular way to address hot button topics and issues in a fairly non-partisan setting, with King himself asking open ended questions, rather than leading questions. Although King has retired from his show, his influence remains in TV.

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