Wednesday, August 5, 2015

In View Preparing New Reports for Fall 2015

New approaches to protecting our environment are showing promise.

Every day, advances in a number of fields are changing our world. Leaders across a number of industries and disciplines are working to make the big breakthroughs that will give us a new outlook on the future we face. The In View series is the source for information about these breakthroughs, and new reports are headed to cable television in a variety of subjects.

In education, healthcare, technology, science, and a number of other disciplines, new ideas are reshaping our future. For example, educators are finding new ways to bring technology into the classroom, helping students engage their subjects in new ways and gain valuable skills as they collaborate with other students.

Executive producer Walter Waiters, senior associate producer Joel Walters and associate producers Rachel Van Drake, Scott Kuntz, Ryan Chadderton, Randi Gardner and David Kent are working to bring the very best reporting in these fields to cable television audiences. In these new reports hosted by the legendary Larry King, audiences can see how the new ideas of today are translating to a brighter tomorrow.

Check local listings for airtimes to find out when In View Larry King will air on great cable networks like Fox Business. For more information on the program please call: 1-855-4 INVIEW or 1-855-446-8439.

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