Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In View hosted by Larry King Announces New Airing

In View hosted by Larry King is proud to announce the program’s most recent airing on cable television networks around the country. This latest edition of the show takes a look at how Phillips Hospital and Banner Health are partnering to provide better care for patients in the healthcare setting.

New products and services are helping to increase efficiency inside the hospital setting. These new innovations are helping nurses work more effectively in the intensive care unit while also enhancing patients outcomes.

These new products and services are improving clinical outcomes while also reducing readmissions and cutting operating costs. The partnership brings Banner’s interest in bringing high-quality care to patients with Phillips’ knowledge of technology in intensive care settings. The technology helps to identify patients who are at risk for deteriorating conditions, allowing doctors and nurses to address the needs of those patients.

The In View series covers a number of topics for cable television audiences. The show covers advances in science, business, and the medical field. The program also looks at new education innovations and other topics that are shaping our world. To find out when the show airs in markets around the country, check local listings.

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