Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The In View Series Explores Mental Health Services, Profiling Hanbleceya

In many cases, people dealing with mental issues and personality disorders do not receive the attention or care needed to help them recover and lead productive and healthy lives. Even in 2013, many people stigmatize mental problems and demean those dealing with them. Many people suffering from problems like depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental issues feel too ashamed to seek help, and may only agree to get help at the urging of family members and friends. Fortunately, places like the Hanbleceya centers exist to help men and women overcome their mental and psychological issues and resume their lives. The In View series recently spotlighted Hanbleceya in its continuing series about mental health.

Hanbleceya, named after a Lakota Indian word that means seeking a vision or knowledge, operates two sister facilities that provide patients in Southern California and the Pacific Northwest with professional mental health support and additional services that help those with psychological disorders turn their lives around. The two facilities, Hanbleceya Seattle and Hanbleceya San Diego, feature professional and experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and counselor who help clients overcome their issues, recover and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

At both the
Seattle Hanbleceya site and the San Diego Hanbleceya site, clients receive first-class counseling services that incorporate therapy, group activities, life skills instruction and residential treatment. Clients temporarily reside in nearby housing facilities and homes, where they live under the supervision of professional staff. These settings, in which clients share space with other clients, help reinforce the therapy that the clients receive from the counseling staff, and also help clients improve their interpersonal interactions.

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