Monday, June 3, 2013

3-D Printing, and the In View Series Hosted by Larry King

The In View TV series follows interesting and significant changes, improvements and trends across the American economy, including advances in 3-D printing. 3-D printers have the potential to dramatically improve some industries, but could also spell the demise of others, as a recent Associated Press article notes.  These devices, which have become increasingly common, could enable companies and organizations to manufacture their own components and materials, rather than waiting on suppliers and manufacturers. The United States military has invested heavily in this fairly new technology. In an example of 3-D printing’s applications, the AP story offers the scenario of military outpost in places like Afghanistan that runs out of ammunition and weapons while under attack. With a 3-D printer, soldiers could print weapons and ammunition rather than waiting for reinforcements to arrive. Such expediency in dangerous situations will make the technology highly valuable, but it could also hurt companies that manufacture bullets. The TV program In View hosted by Larry King will further explore 3-D printing in coming episodes as the technology evolves and people find different applications of it in industries across the American economy.

The  In View series hosted by Larry King brings television viewers from across the United States intriguing stories of innovation, advancement and achievement. The In View series highlights technological advances that have improved processes and products in many industries and fields, including in the health care industry, the technology sector, the construction industry and many other industries. It also looks at the burgeoning alternative energy industry, spotlighting companies that have come up with viable alternatives to fossil fuels. Distributed on many cable television outlets, the In View show reaches television viewers across the United States.

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