Monday, June 10, 2013

The In View Series Hosted by Larry King, and American Manufacturing

The producers of the In View series hosted by Larry King, an enlightening TV series distributed on cable TV channels and networks across the United States have announced plans to continue their series on American manufacturing in the coming months. The TV series will showcase companies across the country that have found success through hard work, high standards and ingenuity. The In View TV series has looked at American companies that produce a wide variety of consumer products as well as components used by businesses in other industries in the production of their goods. The series looks at steps these companies have taken to improve their processes and the quality of their products.

The In View series has featured many American companies that continue to produce their goods right here in America, and looks at the advantages that these companies enjoy over companies that outsource their manufacturing operations to foreign countries. Many companies proudly let consumers know their products are “Made in America,” and many consumers make the decision to support American-made products to support American jobs, and because they view these products as safer and more reliable than goods manufactured overseas.

In View hosted by Larry King highlights encouraging stories throughout the American economy, which has made progress in recent months. The In View show features stories of economic success and innovation nationwide. It profiles inventive and successful companies in various industries, sectors and fields.

The show looks at upbeat and interesting stories, developments and trends in other areas of American life as well, including in medicine and education.

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